The big opening

When I first thought of hosting a home supper club in October 2014 I thought of playing it safe and went for traditional greek cooking. I needed to test my dishes first with a more... forgiving audience.

So I made some fava, dakos, spanakopita, psarosoupa, giouvetsi and bougatsa (scroll down to see what these all weird dishes are) and invited some friends around...

I gave them a feedback form to fill-in...

Karamouza feedback form

And the results were very positive!
People liked fava more than hummus (surprise!), the lemony-eggish fish soup went down really well but bougatsa was the ultimate favourite.

Cooking 8 dishes for 15 people was an amazing and exhausting experience, that made me think how hard people in the restaurant business work compared to us office workers... :S

But you feel like giving something useful and good to your guests and you can see it in their faces. It's a very creative, fulfilling and direct way of communication; that's why I keep doing it :)