Karamouza goes to Crete!

Karamouza is back, this time to take you on a journey to the amazing island of Crete.

Experience an authentic Cretan welcome with a real Cretan narrator, Natalia, who will guide you through this unique island, with its diverse traditions, rich history, and beautiful nature and learn all about the things that no visitor should miss!

Come and try the distinctive Cretan cuisine, including local cheeses like Cretan “graviera” (gruyère) and mizithra, brought back from our last trip to Greece. Between the courses you can join the rest of the guests in some of our mini-games, so get ready to find out what a maze, a red thread and a… volcano have in common!

The date is Saturday the 23th of July, 14:00 - 16:00.
Place: Gerry's kitchen in Stratford.

Have a look at the menu:

There's an option for vegetarians too!


Home-made bread will be offered as always :)